HELP... need quick advice...

  1. HELP... need quick advice...

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me real quick. Just got offered a chance at a pretty good modeling gig but was told that I would have to drop down to about 10%bf by 3/23 (2 weeks from today). What sucks is I'm right in the middle of a bulking [email protected]#!. Anyway, I'm 160 right now and about 13%bf. So doing the math, I would need to lose 5-6 pounds of fat to get to 10%. I really want to do this without losing any muscle that I've been working so hard for lately. So, I've got a full bottle of the old Hydroxycut with ephedrine, 2 bottles of 1-AD, 2 bottles of 6OXO, and a bottle of nolva. What's your best advice on a 2 week cutting stack starting tomorrow. Here's what I was thinking:

    600md 1-AD ed, 4-6 Hydroxy pills ed, 500 below maintenance calories with at least 300 grams of protein ed, 6OXO for pct, nolva for "in case", lift 3 days a week hard, do cardio 2 days a week hard for 30 minutes. Whatcha think?? Anything I can add or do to make this more effective?? Any and all responses appreciated. Thanks!

  2. It sucks to quit during bulking, but at least its for work.That sounds pretty good, the gains on 1ad will be dry. It will take at least a week to notice anything from it, but it will help keep you from losing much muscle during the cut. If you can get some clen real fast, that would be ideal.

    6 lbs in 2 weeks will be difficult. You are certain to lose a little lean mass in the process. I think you'll need more cardio than that to drop 3 lbs a week. I'd say 4-5 sessions a week of 40-45 min.

  3. Bump on the clen and added cardio. Cut your carbs way back and it can be done. You more than likely will lose some of the lean mass you have just gained. It all depends on how important this gig is to you. If you email PN, I'm sure they will next day the clen to you with no prob.

    Best of luck to ya.

  4. I definitely wouldnt stack clen with an ECA I think high dose ECA would work pretty well and s fairly muscle sparing. Your plan looks good add the cardio and hit it up. BTW id make the cardio HITT if I were you great body comp effects.

  5. I've been reading good things about G-plenish for muscle sparing during cutting.

  6. Thanks for all the info guys. After rethinking the whole thing and hearing all your opinions, decided to pass on the gig. I agree, clen would be the way to go, but I'm a little tight on cash right now. I'll just continue my bulking, and then cut in June like I was planning. I'm making good progress right now, and it would kill me to give all that up for one shoot. There will always be more work...


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