My buddy and i are thinking about doing another cycle of prohormones and need some help. I recently finished stacking havoc and dienedrone and he finished a stack of chloradrol and dienedrone. we arent sure what to take next so we decided to ask you guys. We are unsure of what to take next just because there is so much stuff out there. I have recently been looking at h-drol or some sort of tren like a clone of spawn, but i am open to opinions. we will also be taking an anti estrogen (not sure what) and a pct like reversitol or thrust. We are looking to get more defined while also gaining at least 5-8 pounds. if you know anything that can help us PLEASE DO.

  2. are you guys really 21... i can't tell you how many people put 21 as their age, it's like people turn 21 and the next day decide to sign up on AM

    sorry for giving you ****. I don't know how to answer your question though... First of all at 6'2 180 your goals look weird, you should be wanting to bulk up to 220 or 230, because you are pretty thin to be cycling at all, why do a little 5-8 pound cycle? Are you training for a sport or MMA or what? Cuz if you're bodybuilding then you need to forget the cycles and just bulk way past 200 pounds, then cycle and bulk further.
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