Cycle turmoil

  1. Cycle turmoil

    Im pretty confused. Ive been doing a Test Enan/Tren cyle for the past 7 weeks. i started my tren 3 weeks into the test. My calculations musta been off cuz my test fell short 2 weeks. At week 7 its gone and I still have a good 4 weeks left of tren at 50mgs ed. I ordered mega doses of 4AD in hopes of running it til the end of the fina. My second thought is, could I just skip the 4ad and run the tren and my m5aa for the last 4 weeks to harden and slice up????? WHICH ROUTE WOULD YOU GUYS GO!!!!! this is bugging me.

  2. Use the 4AD and the M5AA Actually tren and M5AA will be EXTREMELY androgenic, so if your worried about acne, hairloss, ect I wouln't combine them. Especially hairloss. The 4AD should keep your sex drive going at least. I hope your gonna do trans 4AD, or pin that as well.

  3. I bought 300mg per pill 4ad and also 4derm and was gonna take 900 in pill and 400 in transdermal to make 1300 mgs a day, but I think im gonna put the pills aside adn just run 400 ed of the trans. I dont wanna have gastro intestinal probs like my buddy did from mega dose 4ad pills. Then thatw ill last 2 weeks, and i should have 2 weeks left so then ill run the tren and m5aa for the remainder. Guess i figured it out for myself.

  4. get some 4ad prop from DS.

  5. When you saw your test wasn't going to make it why didn't you just get more. Also you could still grab some test prop real quick.

  6. that was what was thinking also J.. just grap some test prop if you can ASAP..

  7. Yea I would but my source only deals with "large scale orders" not petty one item ****. Like me and a buddy make deals with him so its not so petty cuz he deals with peopel who buy in bulk so even our 800 dollar cycles arent ****, so approaching him for 3 weeks of prop is not gonna work thats why i bought 4ad.

  8. Should I just pop the orals and continue with the transdermal or forget it and drop the water and run my fina and m5aa.. hehe


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