m-dien PCT?

  1. m-dien PCT?

    I don't even know if there's a "definite" PCT for methyldien yet, but I was wanting to do 3 weeks at 2-3mg. What is suggested for PCT? Is the two weeks of 40mg then 20mg of nolva ED enough? That's what I used for 2 weeks of M1T but i know M-dien is a different compound with different properties.

  2. Normal nolva protocal.

  3. Isn't PCT the same for damned near everything, except the occasionally extra long deca or tren cycle? WTF?

  4. The best way to do PCT is alwasy assume you need to be on it longer then you think. Some newer studies show it may take twice as long to recover then origanlly thought(but that data is from 8-10 week cycles). I always like to do at least 1 week pct for every week on and if i am on for more then 6 weeks (4 weeks for something as strong as MDien, Fina, Nandrolone) then i do a week and a half of pct for every week on.

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