Competing on M-1T (sports)

  1. Competing on M-1T (sports)

    I would really like to start my 4AD/M1T (10grams in t-gel @ 1 pump ed/ 10mg m1t ed) cycle in a couple days, but about 10 days into the cycle (if I were to start) I have a wrestling tournament I basically have to compete in. My question is will M1T give me pumps so big that wrestling in a tournament would be real hard. Like pumps so big Iíd lose my ability to be agile. I also have pretty decent cardio too, and am wondering if this would adversely affect my stamina.

    Just so you know, Iíve never done M1T. Iíve done 6 weeks of Omnadren about 2 years ago. Iím 21+ and have been in amazing shape for probably 10 years, just a tough gainer. I know that if I start the cycle I will defiantly have to move up a weight class, which I can deal with, I just want to know if competing while on the cycle will have negative effect on my performance.

  2. I know nothing about wrestling, so someone else can help you there. But when I took 10mg a day with 2 squirts 4AD (legal gears) ED, I had no noticable cramping. If you take enough potassium or taurine, you should be fine I think. The consensus seems to be, if you were to up the dose to 20mg, you'd most definitely have a hard time.

  3. Good advice Ivan. I am starting wk2 of m1t only @ 10mg day. Yesterday I got bad back pump/cramp during my leg workout(squatting), it hurt to bend over. I'm 215lbs at the moment. I will be adding taurine very soon.

  4. thanks for the advice guys.

    Have either of you tried doing any hard cardio while on?

  5. I do 30mins moderate cardio 2-3 times a wk, so it's not hard cardio. What I notice is that my body temp rises quicker 'feel hotter/sweat easier' and calves get pumped while walking/running. I think the lower back cramps come more with squats and deads. Although I do feel some tightness throughout the day, especially while standing longer periods of time.

  6. I have done hard cardio on M1t & not noticed any bad cramping or uncontrollable pumps. But when I do any sort of sports, the low back cramping is extreme. I would not risk it until after the wrestling meet. When my lower back tightens up from the stuff, 80 year olds could probably kick my ass. Not everybody gets it, but you may be one who does.

    I recently upped my dosage from 10mg to 20mg & I had a hard time walking or standing for more than a few minutes. I would have to sit for a while when at the store, in the gym, etc. I had to stop squats & DLs too, as the pain became to extreme to move after. I'm also taking 1g each of potassium & taurine a day plus a few bananas (400mg potassium). I dropped back down to 10mg & its manageable, but the cramping is still there, just not as extreme.

  7. I would wait until after your tourney.

    M1T seemed to rob me of endurance and make cardio very difficult. It gave me no noticable "performance" gains other than LBM.

    You could start front loading your 4AD trans for those 10 days before/during the tourney. For me, 4AD gives some mild energy, appetite and endurance increases. After your tourney add the M1T.

  8. Thanks for the response guys. Sounds like I'm going to hold off on the MIT until after the tourney.

    On a separate note, does frontloading the 4ad for 7 days sound like the right amount of time? In a perfect world I would like to have the 4AD kick in the second day of MIT dosing.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by scipio
    On a separate note, does frontloading the 4ad for 7 days sound like the right amount of time? In a perfect world I would like to have the 4AD kick in the second day of MIT dosing.
    I believe that 2 weeks is more of the 'standard'. I frontloaded for 2weeks on my last 4ad/m1t cycle and had none of the sides that bothered me on my first m1t solo cycle. (i.e. lethargy, decreased sex drive where non-existent)

  10. i would say that m1t is a very bad idea if you are a wrestler. the reason is that you probably restrict your cals and definetely water intake before a duel or tourny to make weight. while you are on m1t you are going to want to eat like a champ and stay completely hydrated. you would without a doubt go up a weight class or maybe 2 depending on where you are at now. i say wait till the offseason where you dont have to cut weight all the time. you should take some m5a before your match, i haven't taken it but from what i hear you could probably rip you opponents arms off cuz of the strength gains.

  11. i'm on my first week of pct after 3 weeks of m1t @ 10-15 mg/day, and still getting really terrible cramps in the lower back (which didn't start until the end of the second week). i wrestle as well (submission wrestling/bjj), and this cramping definitely affects me while rolling. last night, i was bridging to escape a pin, and my entire lower back cramped up so bad it took a few minutes just to get to the point where i could ball up. any fluid restriction you might be doing to make weight, would probably exacerbate the cramping.

  12. Well that settles it; Iíll frontload the 4ad now and wait until after the tourney for the M1T.

    I was thinking of trying the M5AA, I liked everything about it and would have liked to finished up a cycle with it, but the whole hair loss thing turns me off. I donít know if I could deal with my hair falling out. I know thereís spiro and other stuff for your hair but Iím not sure if they work perfectly.


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