should i refrigerate my hcg ?

  1. should i refrigerate my hcg ?

    i have got a hold of some hcg, and ive kept it stored in a cabinet, but would it keep after experation date uncostituted in the fridge longer ? and for how long ? have to keep it good till im ready to use it on a good cycle.

  2. WATERLOGGED, The average shelf life is 2 years, unconstituted. Mixed with Bacteriostatic water it can last up to 6 to 8 weeks in the fridge. Water in the kit is usually good for 7 to 10 days after mixing.

    Just for the hell of it I keep it in the fridge mixed or not...
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  3. after mixed with water, the hcg stays good for 60 stays in the fridge . like inhuman said , its ok to keep it out if not mixed .

  4. I was under the belief that hcg only held for 30 days in the fridge after mixing. If 60 days is the case then going with smaller dosing throught a cycle would be much easier as you could mix 5000iu with 7-8cc bac water and use it over 8 weeks.

  5. yeah , its 60 days , i had read swale post about this on cem . had a ref on there too , but i forgot that .

  6. How exactly is the safest way to mix the HCG? Will the HCG powder dissolve in the bacteriostatic water almost instantly? Please let me know. Thank you!

  7. It will work exactly how you stated it.
  8. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    It will work exactly how you stated it.
    Thanks for the confirmation, Sifu. Much appreciated.

  9. I'm not to sure how long it will last, so you better send it to me and I'll try it out for you. I don't want you using something that might not be full
    Bump to 60days.
    I can't find the post but it was on one of the other boards. It said that water based medicine are usually still potent up to 2-3years after the out date and oil based can last up to 10 years as long as they are stored in a cool dark place. This is for already mixed gear. Not for gear that has to be reconstituted. They have to put an exp date because of FDA regs.

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  11. Thanks bro.


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