ECA stack kickin my ass

  1. ECA stack kickin my ass

    Ive been on this for 4 days now at

    24mg ephedrine, 400caffiene. dosed just once in the morning.

    Its working better for me then clen ever did, ive already dropped a pant size, but the problem is its killed my appetite. Im getting maybe 800 calories tops throughout the day, like just 1 serving of oats in the morning, 2 eggs, and a chicken breast before bed. People are commenting asking what happened that i look sick, now is this going to be a problem? I cant really force more food in either because i get nausea right away. If i keep this up for another 3 weeks do you guys think ill still get cut up? right now it seems the weight is coming off from fat and muscle together.

    sitting at 11%bf or so, i can see my top abs and obliques, goal is 6-7%bf

  2. I mean judging from my present situation if anyone can advise a different diet plan to hep out im all ears. Im also having lots of trouble sleeping and getting maybe 5 hours of sleep a night.

  3. Unfortunately that sounds about right.

    I did 25E 200C, but used Yohimbe instead of aspirin, 3x a day fri and sat, but only 2x a day when I had to get up and go to work.

    Search ECA or ECY in the weight loss forum.....there be a ton o' info on it.

    It seemed carbs taken in close to an ECY dose made me nauseous, but I can't remember right at the moment......
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. How much do you weigh?

  5. 5'8 165lbs. Im 155 today after 3 week cut, eca only introduced this week

  6. you a wrestler er suttin.. i'm around the same weight, don't need a cut haha

  7. Never tried it personally but it sounds horrible if you are trying to conserve muscle mass...only 800 kcal per day is WAY to low.

  8. Keep in mind this comes out of a state of little knowledge to your personal background and preferences to substances. If you're not opposed to Ph's and are concerned as to whether or not you'll be shedding nondescriminate weight i'd suggest running epi or something concomitantly. If you're just shedding like a madman and just not capable of getting your daily needs of protein it's gonna be a depressing cut my man.
    Also in some people caffeine does surpress the appetite... Perhaps cutting back to 200mg would help a little bit. ECA is a wicked combo, it's either dangerous or a life saver for physiques!

  9. throw in 150-200mg benedril at night o help you sleep along with 20-30melatonin. will also help upregulate your beta2receptors

  10. 20-30 mg ? That's a huge dose. I know some megadose, however I found 1-3mg was plenty for me.

  11. lol that what i ment 2-3mg

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    20-30 mg ? That's a huge dose. I know some megadose, however I found 1-3mg was plenty for me.
    lol, i thought the same thing. my tabs are 3mg, and i have trouble getting up in the morning. if I take six mg, i'll sleep all the next day.

    is there a benifit for taking 20-30?
    edit** nvm, he meant 2-3. lol

  13. You look sick because you aren't cutting you are wasting away at 800 cals a day, eca, and working out. You should only take 200mg caffeine per dose of eca anyway. You need to stop the supps and get your diet in check. And people should not recommend taking more supps.

    You feel like hell because you are wasting your body away, not just cutting fat. Wake up and use a brain cell or 2. I am 5'7" and 172 cutting on 2000-2200 cals a day using eca. You need t
    Eat some food for a couple days and kick your body back into normalcy, if there is such a thing. Eat 2000 cals, 200g protein , 50-70g fat, and rest carbs. Otherwise, you are going to end up looking like a holocaust survivor. Sorry to sound harsh.

  14. thanks for the wake up call, i stopped the eca for now i wasnt ready for it, i basicaly look like i just shrunk, my face, my muscles, my fat. Im gonna get my diet in check now, and thinking of going with oatmeal, eggs, and grilled chicken throughout the day. I feel a tightness in my chest today even though i didnt dose, not good.

  15. can i expect to drop down to 9% bf in 3-4 weeks with this schedual....

    t3/clen with normal dosing(what most people recomend)
    1 cap of havoc(prevent muscle loss)
    about 1500 cals per day with 150-180 grams of protein and moderate carbs
    lifting 4x per week
    cardio Mon-Sat
    5'9 12-13% bf

    i plan on doing this for 6 weeks but just wondering if i can hit 9% by week 3-4?

  16. I used ECA for a while but couldn't handle it any more. The nausea and appetite suppression was crazy but it did work. I switched to albuterol which keeps my heart rate during cardio around the same as ECA did. Only sides I can see so far are slight shakes at 8mg doses and a bit of a spaced out feeling.

  17. havoc not strong enough to prevent muscle loss on t-3/clen use test

  18. i had that for a few days, but i kinda just forced myself to eat my normal amounts. just smaller meals every couple hours. after a couple days it was back to normal, i had no problem eating. u could try just forcing it down a little at a time or eat normally before u dose it?


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