How long should one wait to take PH again?

  1. How long should one wait to take PH again?

    I finished off my PCT in June. I took Nor-Tren19 and did the proper PCT for it. How long should one wait to take another PH like this?

  2. Most will say whatever your cycle and PCT time added together should equal time off.

  3. til ur HPTA is back on

  4. 2 months is the general rule of thumb but the HPTA post is a good idea

  5. 2months after your hpta is back to normal. get blood test done to see when everything is all back to normal healthy ranges.
    not just hormonal. everything.
    and if everything is optimal, you can start again, but i would say wait atleast another month after finding out your golden. the longer between cycles, the better.



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