arimidex vs. formex

  1. arimidex vs. formex

    I was told that you could substitute formex for arimidex as a cheaper alternative for a portion of pct? Is there any truth to this?

  2. Some people think that you shouldn't use formestane in pct, since a small percentage of it converts to 4-hydroxy test, which can be suppressive. But, if you read around you'll see that that jury is still out, and many claim that formestane helped them rebound quicker than anything. AI only PCT's aren't the best PCT option, imho. I'd give formex a wirl, because if you respond to it, it's the sh*t. Be sure to always have a SERM on hand, like Torem, or clomid.

  3. oh yeah most definitely, I just know arimidex is super expensive, also i heard advanced pct is a good AI substitute because it has bromo in it? yeah I got nolva and clomid as well

  4. Not sure about advanced pct, but if you like 6 bromo, AN, just started selling their 2nd gear solo, for 19.00. Btw, armidex isn't that expensive just do a little "research," and you'll find it moderatly priced.

  5. yeah i know ha and my research hasn't been very conclusive but I just gotta keep doing my homework

  6. Formestane is fantastic for estro control and pct. Run low dose while on cycle.

  7. like 25mg ED?

  8. While ON, EOD-50mgs works great for estrogen control and keeping libido.

    Quote Originally Posted by kkitz967 View Post
    like 25mg ED?

  9. I'm toying with the idea of hoping on some while on a 15 week sus cycle. Arimidex is good to me but is soo strong. You guys think I should run 50mg eod or 25 mg ed to keep bloat down and gyno away?

  10. The injectable version of form was used way back, but not its otc and legal. Id still stick with arim or arom IMO
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