what are puffy nips? ie fat, water, glandular

  1. what are puffy nips? ie fat, water, glandular

    when people say they have puffy nips, whether i do is something im sure im paranoid of, but a lot of people swear they do but what makes them puffy?

    because people say oestrogen, assuming its a gyno issue, is bound will this generally resolve itself or is intervention required?

    so basically, is it fat or water or glandular tissue that makes them puffy?

    thanks guys

  2. im curious to this as well... i had another question btu i cant think of it now....
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  3. Milk, probably. Squeeze them and see.

    (not srs)

  4. curious about the answer

  5. There are several things that can cause puffy nipples. Endocrine based reasons include gyno or high prolactin levels. Also, more than 20% bf can result in bf deposits under the nipples making them look puffy. Also, you could be pregnant. Usually if there is a chemical reason making them puffy, i.e. increased prolactin or gyno, small lumps will be felt when you push on the tissue.
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