short cycles

  1. short cycles

    Anyone run short cycles? And which prohormones would be best for short cycles?

    I'm thinking about keeping my cycles abbreviated to 4 weeks plus/minus. I figured that would level out the 'sine wave' of being on and off cycle. And perhaps be a little gentler on the liver.

  2. most people only run their orals for 4-6 weeks. this is very common

  3. my experience is limited.

    I ran an H-Drol cycle at 8 weeks, which is fairly common for that. Other prohormones looked liked they had been calling for a six week cycle. So you think I could pick up gains in a shorter run?
    Figure then it's a shorter PCT and shorter off cycle wait. (3 months total)

  4. Epi or Havoc run for 4 weeks and h-drol run it for 5-6 weeks. Make sure you have good support supps and a good pct in place before starting any cycle.
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