Amount of 1test that can be put into AndroSpray

  1. Amount of 1test that can be put into AndroSpray

    Over on, I posted this question and mike said that about 3 grams of 1 test or 5aa could be put into Ergopharms AndroSpray. Does this sun about right? Am I going to get Mush or will it still be easy to spray if I jsut shake it up?
    I was jsut thinking about adding 3grams of 1 test ether into the spray which would give me 10mg of 1test per spray, and 40mg of 4ad per spray. I was thnking about taking 8 sprays in the moninrg and 7 sprays at night for a total of 150mg of 1 test and 600mg of 4ad. This sound about right.
    PS This is my first time doing a transdermal, sorry for the newbi questions.

  2. It will be a waste of time.. This is why...

    1) Androspray is already saturated. Hence it is very milky looking. That is PH not in solutiuon..

    2) You are going to use 1-test Ether . The molecule is too big to use. Thats why you are only suposed to use 1-test base.

    3) Androspray only uses Isopropyl alcohol as a penetrator. Basically it sucks. It is a solvent . That is why when you spray it on you are left witha chalky substance on your skin...

    4) If you want to do this right and get good results get some 1-test base and make a 480ml batch using the androspray(having ISO already in it) adding some IPM,OA,PG and DMSO...Here is the numbers to use...

    add androspray All ISO 50% 240ml...

    IPM 25% 120ml

    OA 10% 48ml

    PG 5% 24ml

    DMSO 10% 48ml

    THen it will be worth it.. Talk to ya...Hope this helps...
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  3. Nevermind I thought you were talking about androsol by BIOTEST. I should read. I will leave the above just in case someone whats to do it...

    As far as the androspray it has 12g 4-ad in which is alot.. Using 1-test ether will not work as good for above reasons. Add 10% DMSO at the very least then you might be able to add 3g 1-test but i doubt it will go into solution. Make sure you heat it allot and it will help. Heat it in the sink(Still in bottle)... Man Hope this helps.. Talk to ya..
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  4. Thanks fr the help, the rasn I was asking is becaue Mike said that he tried it a few months ago, he put 3 grams of 1 test into the androspray and he said all you had t do was shake it good before using and it was fine.

    My other question, since you brought it up, will the 1 test ether be absorbed at all or no, the reason is that I really dont want to go out and have to buy more 1test base since Ihave about 50 grams of 1 test ether that a friend gave me.

  5. I would think the molecule is too big. But by using the DMSO it might be alright. It is vert hard to predict... Sorry. Talk to ya..

    PS. Another option is to make ether gels. They suck but may work better than the ether in the transdermal.. Talk to ya..
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  6. Talking Okay

    so where in the hell do we get IPM

  7. Talk to ya..
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  8. Cool Damn....

    I love you!

    Thanks boss.


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