best solo testerbooster w/ libido boost?

  1. best solo testerbooster w/ libido boost?

    What is the best testbooster that also has a great effect on increase on libido?

    For a solo natural cycle?

  2. I have taken a few like t911 and activate x and the best libido boost i got was off of reg tribulus

  3. Quote Originally Posted by qwerty33 View Post
    What is the best testbooster that also has a great effect on increase on libido?

    For a solo natural cycle?
    Many testosterone boosters work re increasing libido (and most should, as increasing testosterone in a male increases libido). Some excellent ones are IGF-2, Drive, and T-911, amongst others. You really need to try a few to find which one works for YOU the best, though.

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  4. t-911 make my throat numb anyone exp this?

  5. the strongest libido boost I have received from a designer supplement are definitely Diesel Test hardcore, IGF-2, and Sustain Alpha. I have not used Activate xtreme though and T911 (i used the 1st version) did not do anything for me (but it has worked great for others)
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  6. i ran an epi/dien recomp for 6 weeks back in april... PCT was some of the most outrageously horny times of my life actually. thankfully i wasn't single at the time, and that her libido could rival mine... but yea def DTHC. I'd like to see what their new DTProcycle is like.

    full pct incorporated -
    Sustain Alpha
    melanotan (just happened to first try the stuff during pct; almost as bonerific as viagra and pde5 inhibitors)

    to have such an outrageous libido after being so shut down was pretty impressive.

  7. what is dien?

    also so your all saying that sustain + dthc would be sweet? or one or the other?

    does dthc work for men in there 20's? i heard its best for older men

  8. prodienolone = 'tren'

    im in my early 20's brother and it felt gooood


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