Cutting : Test Enth/T3/Clen/ECA/Yohimbine

  1. Smile Cutting : Test Enth/T3/Clen/ECA/Yohimbine

    Ok here we go - time to shape of for summer -
    Stats - 24 yrs, 5 11, 227 lbs, bf = 14-17%
    History - Several PH and AAS cycles, first time @ T3.

    Plan -
    Weeks 1 - 10: Test Enth 600 mg/wk
    Weeks 1 - 2: ECA (EAS Thermogenic stack) + Yohimbine
    Weeks 2 - 4: T3 (max @ 100 mcg) + Clen + Yohimbine
    Weeks 4 - 6: T3 + ECA + Yohimbine
    Weeks 6 - 8: T3 + Clen + Yohimbine
    Weeks 8 - 10: ECA + yohimbine

    PCT = Clomind + Nolva
    Running A-dex throughout

    Target = 200 lbs (lofty) with 6-8% bf

    Update - I am in 2 weeks, @ 221 lbs, starting T3 tommorow !

    Other supps i have -
    Deca ( i dont know how this can be useful), Usnic Acid (How and where can i use this for max benifit ?), and some d-bol, and topical lipoderm.
    Should I even bother taking anything else ? If you guys can tell me when and where i can use the above supps, please let me know.

    Will keep you guys posted on my results, and since i am a computer nerd, hopefully updates will be fast and plenty !

    Diet: Trying to go CKD, but I keep getting thrown out, pissing me off ! But low carbs/moderate fat/high protein.

  2. well , maybe u could run t3 from week 5-10 , as fat loss gets harder as u progress , so u might not notice much fat loss during weeks 8-10 with the protocol u have ( no t3).
    other things look good ! good luck bro .

  3. hmmm,
    ill run t3 weeks 2 - 9
    I dont want to wait anymore to start t3 ......

    tommorow is my first day, let teh sweating begin !

  4. K, a couple things...
    T3 needs to be tapered up and down, and as ray said, I'd also run it near the end of the cycle. The UA can be used at night, when you aren't on clen, so I'd say the very last 2 weeks. Start at 500mg before bed and go from there.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  5. i got the tapering part down. I know that .... 10% building up, 40% max, 50X taperting down.

    I will do the UA for the last 2 weeks and during the 2 weeks i am not on clen.
    Question about UA: it gives me a nasty after taste after swallowing the pills, anyone else get that ??

  6. Day 15

    took first dose of t3 (25 )
    Also took 40 mcg of clen

    Will take yohimbine little later.

    Weight today was 219 I am in ketosis
    Look a fiar bit leaner, no muscle loss visible, yet the lack of any pump at all time makes me feel ****ty !

    plan for today is -
    Shoulders / Tris / Calf and 35 minutes of high intesity cardio (intervals)
  7. Day 16

    not feeling much of 25 mg of t3, will be upping dose to 50 tommorow. we will see what happens. I think I am sweating more when i workout ? not 100% sure on that.

    No clen sides to report, only little shakes.

    weight is still constant
  8. Day 17

    took 50mg of t3, holy **** i am hot. Not sweating or anything, but just hot, almost like onset of sweat.

    I can see that the test enth is acting now, i had incredible pumps and strength at the gym
    Anyways, my weight is UP to 224 lbs. WHAT ??!?!?!

    I know i am not eating enough to gain weight, i am eating 50 - 80g of carbs/day + 250g of protein. There is no way i am eating more than i am putting out. How can i gain weight ?

    Test enth doesnt cause much water retention ? any clues to what might be going on ????

  9. You can gain weight because you are using test Your nitrogen retention is up for the protein.

  10. I'm cutting with 2500 cals, using test cyp and gained about 7 lbs in 4 weeks, but yet my bf is lower, damn you gotta love test

  11. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    You can gain weight because you are using test Your nitrogen retention is up for the protein.
    awww you know just what to say to make me feel good !

  12. I am way below maintanence and cutting on test E, and M4OHN, however I have still put on 10 pounds in three weeks
  13. Day 18 & 19

    Nothing new to report
    dose: 50mcg of t3 and 60 - 70 mcg clen.

    weight : 222

    Doing cardio 6X week, moderate - high intensity 25 - 35 minutes. Weight training 5X week for appx 30 - 45 minutes prior to cardio.

    Will be upping dose of t3 to 75 mcg tommorow. I am thinking about going up to 125 - 150mcg t3. I am a pretty big guy, 50mcg is not doing much for me at all.

    Any suggestions/comments re: the high doses ?

  14. I would try upping the clen before the T3, or both but lower for each. It takes me around 200mcg clen to feel anything.

  15. Sorry for digging this up, but is anyone taking eca/yohi and t3 at the same time right now? Cuz I'll start with that the next days. I'm on 75mg ECA and 30mg Yohimbine HCL at the moment, side effects aren't that bad just a little insomnia and slight hyperactivity. Little bit of bowel probs too but that ain't unusual as my bowel is senstive anyway. Starting with T3 soon, taking 400mg of 11-Test as muscle protection each day. Starting with 25mcg T3, next day 50mcg then 75mcg going up to 100mcg and then keeping that dose. Will lower ECA when starting to take T3.
    Is that okay?
    Will control blood pressure so it doesn't get dangerous.
    Aw sry forgot I take transdermal Formestane as MP as well
    My pulse and bloodpressure are very good without stimulants:
    Pulse 59
    BP 119

    Diet plan: Calorie intake limited to BMR (basal metabolic rate) 2200kcal burning fat through workout and cardio, wont run a deficit on the BMR. Diet is lowcarb and lowglycemic. Eating many nuts and stuff. Also I take in many essential fatty acids to speed up fat metabolism. I even drink cod liver oil

    Data: 192 cm, 15% bf, endomorph, goal is 10%bf or below


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