To be growth or not to be growth Thats the freakin question

  1. Wink To be growth or not to be growth Thats the freakin question

    Hi yall, there has been a lot of talk around my gym about the China HGH jinotropin 100 i.u kit. Most people love it. But who knows what else they are on. Does any one have a opinion on this product?

  2. In my opinion Not to be growth. Igf1 sounds much more effective for less money over less time. Growth is expensive and if your not an old dude it just wont do that much in a medium dose no slin no aas cycle.

  3. I agree that Igf1 is the bomb, but I did 4 months of gh and it helped me get totally ripped. I felt like I was 20 again. I am almost 34 and I just want to put on some quality weight before I start getting ready for my next show. This stuff is at a good price and I think it will boost my next cycle

  4. excellent product , if u can find the kexing gh , they are good too , kexing is a sister company to gensci , but kexing will work out cheaper . anyway , gh never works noticably for muscle gain , fat loss ... yes !

  5. The guys that I know that got real big were using hgh and insulin and a ton of test. From what I have read to make any true gains growth must be used for 6 months or more.

  6. oh yes , use slin , a lot of test and some gh to keep u reasonably lean , no secret , u will get big , definitely .


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