Night Sweats and T1pro?

  1. Night Sweats and T1pro?

    Title says it all..... SHould i stop taking it?

  2. naw dude, i get that too. at least that's my humble opinion

  3. I wouldn't worry about it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by txwakeskater
    Title says it all..... SHould i stop taking it?

    I have never gotten taht before sounds strange....i wouldnt stop taking it. I have a feeling it isnt even from the T-1 pro it could be from something else. maybe if it continues to be a problem you should get it checked out.

  5. 1 test is an androgen sweating is a side of most androgens tren is really bad. I get some restlessness and crappier sleep patterns on 1 t wouldnt worry to much about it. Check your bp though as that can also be a cause.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by maggmaster
    Check your bp though as that can also be a cause.
    Ding Ding...correct. I had the same problem and it turned out my BP was up.

  7. Thats just hot flashes, they are pretty common on all cycles for me. I get them a lot more often while on nolva or clomid though.

  8. Nolva gives me horrendous hot flashes.

  9. would a very increased metabolism cause it? just curious

  10. sure high thyroid can cause increased body temp check your bp anyway its easy and personally I like to know where Im at

  11. I read, on a post about fina sides, that taking Benadryl at night before bed is helpful for night sweats.

  12. I had it too... nothing to worry about IMO


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