superdrol / tren cycle

  1. superdrol / tren cycle

    planning on stacking superdrol and tren. Any suggestions on dosing? The superdrol (s-drol) comes in 10 mg tablets and the tren comes in 40mg tablets. the s-drol bottle comes with 60 tablets and the tren comes with 90. I play running back for a football league in Germany, Im 23 years old am 6ft 210 lbs and Im trying to get to 230 lbs.

  2. here is a link to an upcoming cycle i have planned. check it out

  3. sdrol: 3 weeks
    Tren:6 weeks

    sdrol 10/10/20

    tren: weird mg of pills:

    have some good SERMS on hand for the tren to save your tits.

  4. Probably using mass-x. That is the only one I know of in 40 mg.

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