Liver Toxicity

  1. Liver Toxicity

    Ok so I have a hypothetical question, as some of you know I am running M4OHN for four weeks as a beta tester. Now if I wanted to run oral winny for six weeks after that, am I playing with fire? Or how about M5AA.

    I have no idea what the liver toxicity is of M5AA or M4OHN. I do know that winny shouldn't go over six weeks. So what do you guys think?

  2. I dont think the toxicity is documented can you get bloodwork done? If you could get bloodwork done after 4 and then continue if everythings normal I think that would be safe.

  3. Sure I could get blood work done, but being that it would be a military hospital, I don't want to go with that option.

  4. <~~~ starts humming Britney spear's " Toxic"

  5. I was wondering though. Dose anyone know for sure that M4OHN is toxic, or are we saying that because it is methylated that it is.

  6. bump

  7. go by blood work , but i would think you will be fine after u discontinue both later and take some time off .

  8. I can't do blood work bor, the damn military could learn about my secret

  9. he he , ok , take some good time off after running both , u should be ok .

  10. Cool. Don't get me wrong I would love to do a blood test to see. But Uncle Sam might not like what he sees.


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