Just got my epistane, should I do it this way?

  1. Just got my epistane, should I do it this way?

    just got in 2 bottles of the stuff, i'm pretty excited since i havent done any PHs since 2005. i've done a couple cycles of m1t and a couple of sdrol back then. PCT is all taken care of. my question is how should i run this stuff...

    since i have some experience with PHs i was thinking 5wks:

    i was gonna do just 4 wks, but i remember the last time i ran sdrol i had to take double the dosage to get anything out of it, but then again i havent done anything in over 4 yrs, so you think i should just go with this 5 wk plan to see how the sides affect me, and if its not too bad during week 5 would it be ok to add on one more week?? cuz i rather use up all of the epi instead of having just like 40 pills leftover go to waste.

    any input would be appreciated

  2. well i would in this situation keep an open mind, assess your tollerence to the compound as you havent run this before, and although u have run harsher compounds before, that was 4 years ago.
    If i were you i would plan on a 4 week cycle and then if everything is well then you could carry on for another week. dont take this for longer than 6-8 weeks, i would say 6 as this is your first cycle in a long time so be careful and remember to take it responsably!

    the dosage looks good, although again assess how your body is reacting to epistane and then decide the dosage, for example if your feeling your body is reponding well to 30mg then id personally say stick with that dosage, theres no need to increase dosage if all is going well as thi may jut increase sides and not provide any additional gains.

    Its all about finding that sweet spot, and id say listen to what ur body istelling you and decide from there! hope this helps

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