havoc results after cycle?

  1. havoc results after cycle?

    Hey i just finished my third cycle of havoc..ran this one at 20 30 40 50 50...kinda high but its the only doses where i can see results even 20 and 30 seem obsolete to my body..but the explosive strength gains and mass always come to me during pct...anyone else experience this?

  2. Nope. Not once.

  3. Explosive strength gains on Havoc? Do tell..

    What are you taking along with Havoc? What's your PCT look like? Diet? Workout schedule? Yada yada..

  4. havoc really does nothing unless dosed at 50mg.. i would honestly just start at 50mg and run it straight thru.. theres no point in tapering up.. but i suppose u could go 40/50/50/50 if you wanted to start lower.. i feel like the gains dont start coming until the last week or two also.. but starting higher should help this... also i have gotten no strength gains ever from havoc.. it just hardens me and gives me some vascularity, usually lose some admonial fat also.. my libido lovesss epi... but i get a bad rebound effect and my nipples kill on it and after.. did u get any weight gain?

  5. yea if i crank calories to like 4000 with 50mg of havoc i can gain around 10 pounds of lean mass and still gain vascularity and harden up with havoc...maybe i just respond really well to it...but as far as diet, pretty much decently healthy food, in college so pretty much cafe food, and training is a four day split, chest/tri back/bi shoulders/forearms legs...but no one else gets good strength gains from havoc?

  6. What does your PCT look like?

  7. 40mg nolva first day then 30 20 20 10

  8. I am 19 year old college student. I am just getting back into lifting again. I just bought Havoc from amazon.com and i have received. I was wondering if you could tell me anything that you know about Havoc?

  9. 19 just getting back into lifting........then get rid of your bottle of Havoc IMO...do the basics Train hard, eat big ...your to young and inexperienced to take Havoc...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ronw2 View Post
    19 just getting back into lifting........then get rid of your bottle of Havoc IMO...do the basics Train hard, eat big ...your to young and inexperienced to take Havoc...
    yea for real. I know you dont wanna hear it but if your just getting back to lifting youl gain plenty with some good old creatine monohydrate and a lot of food. Save the havoc for a while once you start plateauing on your lifts. Plus its going to get hard to find as time goes on, mind as well put it under ur bed and save it fora rainy day, a day when you could really benefit from it.

    and my under the bed i mean in the freezer.

    Back to the origional thread...
    I didnt respond great to epi. I gained 8 lbs. and lost 4 of it after pct. Ill admit My diet wasnt perfect and I kinda ****ed up the cycle. Either way I didnt see much strength gain, only a recomp and deff increased vascularity. Its odd though, bc everyone seems to respond much different to epistane. For some its a god send for others its a disappointment.


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