Purus Nastymass, m14-e cycle?

  1. Purus Nastymass, m14-e cycle?

    I just started the first week of my m14-e also ordered nastymass and halovar. I am looking to bulk as much as possible on this cycle then cut later on with the halovar. Can i stack the nastymass with the m14-e and if so how should i cycle it since i already started the m14-e? Im 6 foot at about 190 6% bf right now. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  2. Dont stack em man, M14-e is a stack already, and Nastymass is another stack already.. that'd be like 4 prohormones at once.. Just do one , pct, wait, the next.. there is no quick way to get huge man!

  3. You could stack the nasty and halovar. They have the grid on the bottle on how to do it. Still would just run separate though especially if you dont have much exp with PH/DS
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  4. Thanx fightbackhxc Ya i have done a superdrol cycle about 2 yrs ago. I usually go the route of test e. and deca. Fairly new with the p/h route. I do know its bad to go with 3 methyls though. What do you think is the best mass building p/h out right now?

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