When making your transdermal

  1. When making your transdermal

    Did anyone get 5g 1-Test 5g 4AD in successfuly?

    Or is it best just to do 5g 1-test 2.5g 4AD

  2. i got 10G 4AD in with no problem - just a little heat and a litlle shaking.

  3. The gel will hold 10g of any PH per 4oz. I think Bobo said he got over 11g.

  4. my first bottle was very gritty with 10 g. My second bottle held it fine though

  5. Is there a bennefit to have more 1-T then 4AD? I only ask cause of the T1-Pro that has 5g 2.5g.

    Or was it just cause 7.5 was all it would hold?



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