First M-DROL run

  1. First M-DROL run


    I've done one cycle to date and that's a 4 week h-drol cycle which was ok but nothing special in the gains department. Right now I've just ordered MDROL from ebay which is about the only place I could find it with all the stuff that just happened.

    Here is my plan

    M-drol 10/10/20 (Playing it safe..its potent stuff)
    Pre-loading all of this stuff for 7-10 days before first M-DROL dose and will continue it right through til the end of my PCT.
    RYR 1.2g ed
    Milkthistle 1000mg
    Hawthorne Berry 1000mg
    Policosinol- 20mg 2x ed

    Pct is gonna be tamox from <removed> so I hope this stuff is the real deal?
    I was gonna dose tamox at 30/20/10

    Diet is gonna be protein at 250-300g's a day(I weigh 180 pounds)
    I also hear M-DROL loves carbs so will make sure to get them in along with my veggies and good fats.

    I'll be looking to hit the squats, deadlifts, bench presses and chin ups hard along with some isolation exercises.

    So what do you all think?

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

  2. What'd you pay for the M-drol? I just bought some, was like 29 bucks. Sounds like a good stack, might wanna add some recycle to your PCT.

  3. I happily paid 30 dollars.

    What is recycle?

  4. If u are just running the tamox go 40/40/20/20. If u add an AI start it wk 3 or 4 and run it for 4 wks tapering the dose each wk.

    Dose for mdrol sounds good. You can go 4 wks but wait and see how you feel to decide if u wantvto go the extra wk.

    Also delete the source for your serm please there is no sourcing on this board.

  5. Have many of you guys used nolva for MDROL PCT or did you use clomid? I read somewhere that nolva may be the cause of delayed gyno when used with MDROL.

    Is this worth worrying about?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MarkIrish View Post
    Have many of you guys used nolva for MDROL PCT or did you use clomid? I read somewhere that nolva may be the cause of delayed gyno when used with MDROL.

    Is this worth worrying about?
    yes just in case

  7. Nolva is fine for pct and add the AI in the 3rd week like liftingstud said to prevent any form of E rebound.

  8. I have ran many a m-drol cycle and used nolva for pct with no ill effects, and my dosages of the DS were MUCH higher and longer than yours. I would dose the nolva at 40 30 20 10. I also dont run any support supps (well i run Vit C, Multi and Omegas year round) and have had no problems. I would not advise this though since most people I hear about have problems with sides more often than not. THe only side I have other than normal shutdown and a little libido loss (only on m-drol only cycles do i loose sex drive, if i stack it with phera I am fine), is I do get lethargic, whic i combat with clen, caffene, and asprin. you could also use ECA. Even when not useing stims, i alway have a little insomnia of any A/A compound (a result of higher than normal test levels I think) so I use mealatonin and benedril to help me sleep at night, whic nicely upregulates my beta2 receptors that get downregulated from the clen or ephedrine.

  9. Um... I wouldn't recommend fighting the mdrol lethargy with stimulants unless your blood pressure has an inhuman ability to stay low. ECA might be a bad idea...
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  10. That is one thing i did not add to my above post, my bp always was in the normal area b4 i added the stims.


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