blue torem

  1. blue torem

    so i got my torem in today and this stuff loos like blue candy. anyone know if its good stuff?

  2. i had good results with "metal big lizards" t3....but never used the tor.

  3. All of the "big metallic lizard" products I have seen seem to be exactly what they say they are.


  4. yea the clomid is good

  5. i got the exact same stuff from ID on my first cycle.. its like a blueish green..(turquiose).. def the best serm ive gotten to this day.. ive got nolva and clomid from the same site.. but that torem jacked up my sex drive like nothing ive ever seen, my balls were bigger then ive ever seen them

  6. is the pump on this accurate? or should i use a needle w/o pin

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sakes View Post
    is the pump on this accurate? or should i use a needle w/o pin
    Get a 1 mL oral syringe from Walgreens.



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