starting semi-pro ball...cycle during season?

  1. starting semi-pro ball...cycle during season?

    Should I run my next planned cycle DURING this football season to get the benefits on the field or should I wait until after so I can give my natural endocrine system more time to get reaquainted with itself?

    I plan on doing a 6-8 weeker

    Weeks 1-2:
    Tren (Dienelone) - 80 mg's

    Weeks 3-4:
    superdrol - 10 mg's
    Tren - 80 mg's

    Weeks 4-6/7/8:
    superdrol - 20 mg's
    Tren - 80 mg's
    Trenadrol (yes I believe there's a dif) - 60 mg's

  2. 6 weeks of Superdrol? I can see you on the field cramping...
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  3. yeah that's very true, but the majority of the season will be cold games. And superdrol keeps me flaming hot all day and whenever I go to work out (including playing football) I just have a different gear in me. Seemed like it was at least worth consideration.

  4. I never cramped up on SD, if you respond well it too then great, i just figured most people can't handle it. Even if you got SD experience though, 6 weeks? What were your previous cycles like, you've got a lot going on in that cycle. Yes the 19-nor "tren" and trenadrol are different. I don't think there's a need for trenadrol though. SD stacked with tren is pretty damn good.

    I think either way you'll have heavy shutdown in the cycle, and i love SD and i have thought about running 5 weeks but not 6, how did you run it before? 6 is pushing pretty far but i'm sure you know that.

    I dunno how crazy you wanna go but normally i'd say to change this to something simple:

    SD 10/20/20/20
    Tren 00/00/60/60/90/90/90/90

    your tren only in 40mg pills?
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    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  5. If you wanted to go long on the SD I personally would keep it lower. I am not sure if that is the best "athletic" type cycle really but you probably know your body better than me.
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  6. I agree with unreal as usual. There is never really a need for 3 orals. I like the cycle unreal laid out or consider:
    stacking...going lower on the SD like 10mg for 4 wks but higher on the tren. Like 60-90 while on SD then 90-120 for the couple weka off.

    I like tren run 6 wks. Gives good amount of time to adjust to gains.
    So I would suggest sd 3-4 wks and tren 6 wks. With the sd used at the beginning, then bumping up the teen once u stop sd.

    Yes and you will be fairly shutdown after this.

  7. if you run the cycle during season, hope you like painful shinspints.

    from the test i've seen, trenadrol is oral trenbolone. the dienolone precursor is a steroid with similar gains/sides as trebolone, but acts funny sometimes. (according to studies)

    for this reason, I think it would be pointless to run them both. maybe do (off season) 20mg sd/dienolone precursor @ 90mg/ hd @ 50mg.

    but this is just a sugestion.

  8. Stacking 3 orals is pointless... Move to inj or inj oral combo.

    Plus sd and tren is powerful enough no need add hdrol.

    But yeah both r very similiar so no need for them both.

  9. Have you ever played your sport, or any competitve sport while on PH/DS? Particularly SD. Jw
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  10. I've run track on superdrol...seemed to tire me out in the 400 and 800 quicker than normal but that's to be expected i guess. I definitely noticed an increase in my sprinting times and hip strength plyos and stuff. Never football though.


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