finally decided on firs PH run!

  1. finally decided on firs PH run!

    OK so after much research I've decided to run Epistane. This ccle will prob start late october.



    Around week three im gonna start to bridge Formex


    Other supps include:

    Milk Thistle
    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Also have novadex XT layin around. Would be better off using that throughout that cycle than starting Formex after?

    Workout Will be "4 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off" hitting individual muscle group per day.


    Should i take EPI only on days i lift? I was gonna take it everyday but it seems people on here go both ways when it comes to that.

    Like I said startin this late october so I got time to work out the bugs.

    Thanks fo rhte advice!

  2. You should take epi each day. Only taking it on training days is known as pulsing and you normally take it 3 or 4 times a week then.

    Even though this is your first PH cycle you should increase the dosages so something like:

    Week 1: 30mg (10mg first day, 20mg second, 30mg third and following days)

    The following weeks really depend on how you feel and your gains. You could keep it at 30mg for the second week and then maybe up it to 40mg for weeks 3 and 4. A lot of people with PH experiences dose epi at 50mg or even higher.

    If you are prone to high blood pressure then you may want to include some hawthorne berry and it is always handy to have a SERM on hand even though there shouldn't be any problems with epi.

    Just remember that higher dosages don't necessarily mean more results but they will mean more side effects so if you are making good gains at 30mg then leave it at that dosage.

  3. I wouldn't run Epi higher than 40mg especially for your first PH Cycle. Id run it daily too. I have quite a bit of experience with Havoc which is essentially the same thing. I'd run it up to 40mg tops you last week. The sweet spot with it is at 30 & 40mg.

    Week 1: 20mg
    Week 2: 30mg
    Week 3 30mg
    Week 4: 40mg

    Your support supps look pretty good. You may want to through in some Taurine in there to help deal with the back pumps (cramps)

    Also what are your stats?

  4. Firat off these are my stats: 5'11" about 175. But I was about 189 than cut back alot of fat, also loosing some muslce in the process. So I wanna try to clean bluk with Epi up to 185 and be solid. than maybe peeled back about 3-5lbs and I should be good to go.

    I guess I'll run it

    20/20/30/30 possibly 40 that last week but most likely not.

    When and how would you add in Formex, which seems to be a legit PCT.(AI)

  5. You will have a nice lean bulk with Epi as long as your diet is clean. I prefer to use a SERM for my PCT's to be on the safe side. I usually wait a week after running a PH to start my PCT so I do not deprive myself of any gains. This is debatable though. You will start to see gains mid-third week in. Out of curiosity how old are you?

  6. start epi out at 30 mgs

  7. My diet is probably perfect. DUring my cut I've been counting the essentials(cals carbs pros fats)

    My cut was 1800-2000 calories, 200-300 protein, 75-150 carbs, and fats 30-40.

    So for this clean bulk I'll up the calories to 2500-2800, keep the protein near 300, and carbs never above 175. Fat staying the same at about 50g

    Any other tips or comments would be nice.

  8. bump for soem more advice/suggestions

  9. just wondering u said ur bulking cals are going to be at 2500 while ur on epi? and u weigh 175? seems a little bit low imo. but everyones different. im bulking and not on any ph and my cals are at 2700-2900, im 116lbs


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