Stupid Inhibit-e Question

  1. Stupid Inhibit-e Question

    So I got a free bottle of Inhibit-e with a bottle of M-drol I purchased a few days ago before the ban. I also have a bottle of Epistane and M14-e for the future as well. I won't be taking any of these very soon but my question is simply this: Would Inhibit-e be useful with any of these compounds? Also, should it be taken on or off that given cycle?

    The reason I ask is that I have this unopened bottle but I have no idea what I'm gonna use it for. I've seen countless users bash Inhibit-e on here. I'm just trying to figure out whether I should save it or sell it!!

  2. save it for Post cycle therapy... do a search for ATD on the forum to get an idea(inhibit-e = ATD)

  3. See that's what I thought but I've seen numerous people claiming this to be counter-active.

  4. atd on off days for a pulse>?

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