Brewing next cycle, Check it pls

  1. Brewing next cycle, Check it pls

    This is what I was thinking for my next cycle, I have everything already so I planned to use it all. This will be my 4th cycle, Straight bulking.

    1. Weeks 1-10EQ 400mg/week (For the hunger increase, I only have enough for 10anyways)
    Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
    Weeks 3-10Test Enan 500mg/Week
    Weeks 1-6 Tren 75mg/ED
    Weeks 1-6 Test Prop 100mg/EOD


    2. Weeks 1-10EQ 400mg/weeks
    Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
    Weeks 1-10Test Enan 500mg/Week
    Weeks 6-12 Tren 75mg/ED
    Weeks 6-12 Test Prop 100mg/EOD
    followed by PCT

    Please change as you would, Its all up in the air still. I know I shouldrun eq for 12 but Im not gonna buy more just for 2 more weeks, I mainly want the hunger increase. I like the first one because I can stop at week 10, Im not sure I run do a 12 weeker again.

  2. Weeks 1-10EQ 400mg/weeks
    Weeks 1-10Test Enan 500mg/Week
    Weeks 6-12 Tren 75mg/ED
    Weeks 6-12 Test Prop 100mg/EOD
    Weeks 6-12 Winny 50mg/ED

    I'm not even sure I'd use the Test prop.

  3. I think candle25 has a better idea. Finishing with the winnie and tren will help to shed alot of water.

  4. good idea, maybe the prop in the beginning..

  5. No more orals this time
    hitting them to much
    Maybe ill leave out the enan and eq for next time around and run it like this.
    Weeks 1-6 Winny
    Weeks 1-8 Prop
    Weeks 1-6 Tren
    After all my buddy just went on winny and tren for 6 weeks, and gained 19 pounds, well kept 19. Total body comp change man, was crazy

  6. Tren is known for things like that, it seems to semi-permantly shut down cortisol receptors. Since it is pure mass I would use it all the way candle25 sugg.

  7. Yeah seems good, I dont think Ill use the prop, just laying here is all.
    But damn hard to wait 6 weeks to get the tren going,
    Id prefer to go 1-6 with tren because im not worried about the water, then when I come off my test and EQ will be running good, I could stop them at weeks 8, and run prop from 6-10 and then PCT after prop.
    Keep in mind the EQ is for hunger only, im not relying on it to build mass really.
    I have a hard time stuffing my face for so long, even drinking my shakes...
    Weeks 1-6 Tren
    Weeks 1-6 Winny
    Weeks 1-8 Test E
    Weeks 1-8 EQ (For hunger purposes)
    Weeks 6-10 Prop
    PCT + Clen
    I like that

  8. Bleh, I think ill to what candle sugg, and finish with it.
    TY Bad for reminding me it pays to be patient

  9. Finishing with the winny/Tren will really harden you up and reduce water retention. It will also allow you to end on a shorter ester which will give you a better lead in to PCT. If you are going to use clen I'd suggest doing it during the end of the cycle and stopping 1 week prior to ending the cycle. During PCT your body will be fighting to recover and there is no need to put an added strain on it by using cutting agents IMO.

  10. Thanks bro, always a help

  11. Another option with the clen is run it for two weeks BEFORE the last 2 weeks of your cycle, and then run it in a very mild dose (no more than 60mcg/ed) for 2-3 weeks post-cycle so you can keep your total calories up without gettin too fat.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  12. Thanks again bro
    Good suff


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