how long till I can go again?

  1. how long till I can go again?

    Just want to know the soonest I can start back in on some left over ph cycles after completing a 12 week cycle of test enan 100mg/cc, deca 80mg/cc, and eq60mg/cc. I did 2.5 ccs twice a week. So now being I can not get rid of some phs I want to know how long I have to waite to get going on these transdermals. I've got clomid, clen, and flax seed caps as well as about 15 ZMA left that I will take.

  2. You were on for 12 so you'll need to stay off for 12 IMO.

  3. I dont usually reply with "you should have done a search"...... so why start now right?
    The consensus is that in between any cycle, one should stay off the same amount of weeks, that they were on. Some (myself included) will shorten an off period by a few weeks, to hit a smaller cycle, then go off once again for a lengthy period of time. Its just that, this is when people get hooked trying to shorten off periods, and put there body through some setbacks. Honestly with your last cycle (cant really tell the exact dosage but seems moderate to low on the dosage), I tell you, you could get back on for a small PH cycle 9 to 10 weeks off, then do a similar off cycle after your planned PH.

  4. How did your first cycle go?

    You should give yourself a good period of down time. This may not seem necessary but it is a good idea.

  5. Size,
    Great! I really took the combo of test enan, deca,and eq. I'm 31, 5'6" and 188 pounds. Quite a bit of water on the lower back and gut. Looking at clen clomid flax seed oil and water shed for post cycle. If I cut up I could look at some competition . I was 171-173 before cycle. Pumped about planning my next one arounf Christmas after I'm done using all my ph powders.

  6. Good luck mate. The water will drop quickly.


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