Will they be pulling PCT also?

  1. Will they be pulling PCT also?

    I have just stocked up on 8 bottles of havoc (have no intention of running anytime soon, I have already finished a cycle and am on pct right now) but am fairly concerned on if they are planning on pulling the pcts?

    I would surely hope not because I am planning on running another cycle of havoc come December and would obviously need get hold of pct before this....

    BTW I am not some dumb kid with no knowledge of what I am doing. This was my 2nd cycle of havoc and I always pct properly....

    My first cycle ended with me at 190 lbs @10% bf coming from 178 lbs @10% (I am a easy gainer)

    Age is 22, nov is bDay

    I had ended up getting hurt several months after cycle and ruptured my l4/l5 disc so this completely dropped me out of impact sports and into the hospital/rehab for a while. 5 months later after doc said I could get back into the gym I was 215lbs @ 20 %bf obviously several months of being bed ridden and zero exercise takes a toll on someone... I had decided not to cut because it would have been a been there done that scenario so I have been on a nice long clean bulk (never mind beginning bf was 20% lol). I had trained 5 months completely clean just using creatine to regain my muscle memory and get my lean body mass back to where it was and then went onto a 30/30/30/30 havoc cycle. I just finished this cycle and am now today 245 @ 25% bf (this week is 2nd week of pct).

    My intentions are to run another cycle come the end of december or beginning of january. I am pretty much planning on continuing my bulk until I put up an extra 100lbs on my bench for 5x5 and 200-300 lbs on my leg press (heavy squats and deadlifts are out of question now...) I am figuring this to take me another 20-30 weeks of clean bulking and expect myself to land around 270-280 lbs @ 27-28% bf after which I will do a nice slow cut.

    Sorry for the length on this, I know this is my first post so I wanted to ask my question and give a intro on me and my goals.

    BTW my height is wrong I used to be 6 foot, now after surgery I am 5 10.5" lol kinda shrink a bit after having nearly a full disc removed.


  2. I believe I remember on another thread that the PCT's are good to go.

  3. yah they are. only thing being pulled is ILLEGAL products. or soon to be ILLEGAL.

  4. Is atd and 6 bromo, in other words AIs, going to still be available we well?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bmw8591 View Post
    Is atd and 6 bromo, in other words AIs, going to still be available we well?
    some stores are pulling those products but you can still find them elsewhere.



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