1. Tren+m-drol-p-plex

    I need some input on this cycle,
    I got a stack online of p-plex+m-drol and have some bottles of tren onhand by competative edge labs and was wondering if stacking all 3 would be ok or too harsh.
    Iv done tren by itself previously and p-plex by itself
    I have a-dex and nolva on hand

    I'm 20 y/o 230lb. 14%bodyfat training for my first show 5 months away

  2. There's no reason to stack all 3.

    SD by itself is the absolute ****. Apparently you haven't run that yet, but you want to stack it with 2 other things? The more I thought about heavy oral stacks like that (3 orals) i concluded it's just not worth it for your body... Look into injectables, your stacking options are a lot better when you're using mild, long-duration compounds with no liver impact.

    I suggest you try the Mdrol by itself. Tren/Phera would be a good stack for the next cycle
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  3. Iv done a cycle of test cyp , it's just not available to me right now

  4. Quote Originally Posted by beaverboy View Post
    Iv done a cycle of test cyp , it's just not available to me right now
    run mdrol... Then pick 2 for next cycle.

  5. How bout a p-plex/M-drol bridge? U M, You gave me all the poop on (advice) on on my future S-drol/p-plex stack. But then again, one can only say the same thing so many times.

    p.s. just type in stack combos, lots of cool stuff will pop up!

    Best of luck on the show man!! Nice arms! I'm thinking about hitting a seniors amature event next year, I'm getting ripped for 41-in 15 days.

  6. I agree just run the M-drol plenty potent and save the others for another cycle.
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