pplex/mdrol/havoc -bridge or stand alone?

  1. pplex/mdrol/havoc -bridge or stand alone?

    just wondering if anyone has ideas about bridging any two of the these three compounds...

    I have seen a few threads on here about it, but mainly people just say that they are doing it or might do it, not as much about why.... Mostly heard Pplex and Havoc, havent really seen much on Mdrol/havoc bridge.

    thanks to the new ban, i recently purchased a life time supply of all three of these products.

    any benefit to bridging 2 of the three or is standing each alone still best?
    if yes to bridging- then even split of cycle? or one product longer than other?

    of course,as bottles begin to run out, bridging may become necessary for a lot of people as they have partials of stuff left over- either bridge or pulse at that point.

    any ideas?

  2. Look at my phera cycle kicked of with sd. Think u could do the same with epi also. Actually considering for my next run epi kicked off with sd.

  3. I actually checked out your cycle post yesterday and saw the follow up tonight. looks like a great run!

    I was actually thinking about running the same thing, MDrol to start 2 weeks followed by 3-4 weeks of Havoc... this would probably be a spring time run though. about to start a 5 week havoc cycle now.

  4. what about pulsing multiple compounds? any benefit there? are the receptors independent? say your lifting 4 days a week mon/ tue/ thur/ fri- generally, you might take Mdrol at 20-30mg only on the days you lift for a pulse.

    would there be a benefit in taking mdrol on mon & thur then taking Havoc on Tue & fri?
    Basically stacking orals while pulsing.

    in theory, if they are absorbed differently, it maybe give you a great pump on more than one receptor. of course, that could be complete crap

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