Methyl E and Epistane, PCT??? Please!!! I need help

  1. Exclamation Methyl E and Epistane, PCT??? Please!!! I need help

    Hey guys, need some desperate help. My ignorance and desire to put some more weight on led me to an stupid and embarrassing situation that I am not even sure could have a negative effect in my endocrine system or body.

    I'm 28 and I've been lifting for 8 years already. During these 8 years I've been taking the usual supplementation an amateur would take... protein powders, glutamine, creatine, amino acids, vitamins... After reading an article about test boosters I decided to add some of these products to my diet.

    I got some ZMA, Vitrix (Tribulus) and a guy at the supplement store suggested a product called EPISTANE I started taking with the other two. I took this product three times a day till I ran out of it, which it must have been after a month. Since the results taking it were pretty good I went to the store to get some more EPISTANE, but because they ran out of the product they offered me another product called METHYL E which they told me was pretty much the same. I started taking Methyl E the same way I took Epistane (3 times a day). After a month taking the Methyl E I ran out of it and decide to get some more, but this time after getting it I decided to read the directions, which I always do but for an inexplicable reason I didn't do with these products, which said "use only for a period of 30 days ".

    After that I stopped taking it. I'm very worried since I'd been taking Methyl E for a month already, and I'd had taken Epistane, which is suppose to be the same product, before for a month too. After these, fist thing I did was look on the internet for these products, which I know I should have done at first, and found out Epistane is an steroid and Methyl E, which has the same composition that Epistane has, must also be an steroid.

    I had no idea these products are steroids, that they should have been cycled, that they are liver toxic and that they require PCTs after. I didn't even have any idea what a PCT was before this.

    Well, I think It's not worth it to blame myself now for not being smart enough and jumping into taking a product I didn't know anything about. I just want to find solutions... I'm afraid this could mess up my endocrine system for life and have other side effects on my body since I took these products for so long.

    I just stopped taking the Methyl E last night after finding out all these. The only thing I remember happened while I was taking EPISTANE was my nose bleeding two or three times which it didn't surprise me since it happens to me often.

    I need to know 1) What effects could cause taking these products for so long; 2) What should I do now to get my endocrine system back to normal? I have no idea if I could have messed it up... I read some stuff about PCT and SERMs, but I have no idea if I could find any of these products in the legal market; 3) Was it a good idea suddenly stopping taking Methyl E without having a PCT prepared? 4) Should I take anything for my liver?

    If I need to take anything, please!!! Be specific with the products and how to get them... You can tell I don't know much about this.

    Please... I need some help!!!

  2. Why r more and more of these popping up... Esp with all the news lately...

    Go to the pct section. U need a serm to get ur natural test productioc going... Obviously u r shutdown... Ur not producing natural test.

  3. search epistane in the PCT section, with the quickness.
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  4. Your balls will shrink and hide inside your body and you will grow a set of killer tits. To prevent this you must kill a male deer with your bare hands and then eat its antlers, afterwards eat as many aborted fetuses as possible. If this is not possible then I guess you could always purchase a SERM and then some natty test booster to help.

  5. Your fine! Follow up with propper Post Cycle Therapy. Lots and lots of logs here, there, everywhere.


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