nipple sensitivity---dont think gyno (not on cycle!)

  1. nipple sensitivity---dont think gyno (not on cycle!)

    So anyway my right nipple has become super senstitive lately, and the glad behind is bigger than left nipple. Im 22 year old almost 23.

    Anyway i did a havoc cycle for a month this summer from June-July-and did proper pct
    -torm, advanced pct, and lean xtreme

    Anyway the begining or mid of septemeber i noticed my right nipple was becoming sensitive. It has not become super sensitive and the gland has enlarged. I took prime for three weeks at beginining and have stopped for a while....any ideas guys thanks

  2. run some torem, nolva or an AI for a little and see if it clears up. probably rebound gyno from something

  3. dont know if i can get any serms right now...suggestions?

  4. same thing happening with me, and it was a one and only short pulse cycle of havoc 5 months ago. Now I have the same symptom as you. Hope you have better luck getting answers about serms than I have. This is supposed to be a helpful board, so far not so helpful.

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