Poll: 3rd week of cycle, broke thumb, now what?

3rd week of cycle - broke thumb - now what?

  1. 3rd week of cycle - broke thumb - now what?

    I'm in the third week of a Test Prop/Tren Ace cycle and I broke my thumb doing something work related. The break is right above the first knuckle below the nail line. Needless to say gripping a dumb bell or barbell is very limited. I have no confidence in my grip to really push myself during workouts. Using the LifeFitness and HammerStrength machines just doesn't feel right and even then I'm still not working out with what I am used to as far as weight.

    Since I'm no longer able to push hard should I drop the cycle and start over when I get better or should I just work around it with lighter weight?

    Ty for your feedback.

  2. well how modile is it?

    u in a cast?

    i broke my thumb and i would just measure the bar when pressing and keep my thumb in that position and not wrap around the bar.

    also. u can still do legs,maybe some back depending on grip pain tolerance and severity...

  3. For getting the most of the test and tren, I would say wait until you can push your hardest. It will make it more worth while. You are only three weeks in, if it was 5 weeks, might be a different issue.

  4. Its still pretty mobile. Your method that you speak of is currently how I am able to work out however when a thumb muscle flexes (which happens when you least expect it) oh boy does it hurt.

  5. Is it safe to assume no PCT is necessary? I've been on 500iu HCG/week and .5 Adex EOD.



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