In about a month I'm planning a bulk. I'm 5'-9" and currently 185lbs. probably around 15-17% BF. I'm trying to loose 8-10 more pounds before I start. Here is the plan so far.

Wk1-7 EQ-Jet(Bold 200) @ 600mgs a day
Wk4-7 Epi @ 30 mgs a day
Wk4-7 M1 4ADD @ 60 mgs a day

Is mixing the Bold and the M1 4ADD a recipe for gyno? I've never had any problem with gyno before. Will the epi be enough to counter act it?

I will start with 500 cal above matainence and go from there. I am wanting strength and size, so I will doing either a 5/3/1 or DC program.
Any suggestions?