Is 5a-androstane-3,6,17-trione an androgen?

  1. Question Is 5a-androstane-3,6,17-trione an androgen?

    Is 5a-androstane-3,6,17-trione an androgen? I know it is supposed to be an aromatase inhibiter but does it have anabolic or androgenic activity? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Alot like 6-oxo in structure but this is 5alpha reduced and consequently has no 4-5 double bond.

  3. is this the new ingredient in gaspari liquigels?

  4. Yep but i thought they were taking ArA out?

  5. under 17 Beta HSD3 inhibitors para 5 it states that 1,4 androstadiene
    3,6,17 trione
    potenmtly and selectively inhibited 17Beta H3SD3 which is responsible for the transformation of Adione into why would you use a compound that very effectively shuts down TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION as your choice for a top notch anti-aromatase?????????

    i don't know u



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