Poll: Which ph for my next cycle

Pheraflex or epi-tren? for next cycle

  1. Pheraflex or epi-tren? for next cycle

    Which compound did you guys like the best?

    How do you guys like phera? vs SD

  2. Phera anyone?

  3. there all good, i personally react well to phera

  4. any prostate problems while on or hair loss?

  5. phera is great. comperable mg/mg to d-bol for me. phera plus super is a great stack, but if you have never ran these two seperatly, pleas do so first...

  6. phera and super are both harsh methly's why would one run them together?

    anyways what would a sample sd/phera stack look like in your op

  7. epi tren was good to me recently low sides and good strengh and lean gains while leaning out
    i thought the idea behind the SD/phera stack is so after u put on all the SD size u solidify and mabey add a couple pounds on phera dont know dosing never ran either but TravisG was going
    SD 10-20-20-30
    phera 15/30/30/30/45/45

  8. what would ptc look like for something like that

  9. Tamox at 80 first day then 40, 30, 20, 10


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