I plan on starting the following cycle bu I am worried it is going to be too harsh on my liver

Week 1 h-drol 50mg
week 2 h-drol 50mg
week 3 h-drol 50mg
week 4 h-drol 50mg m-drol 10mg
week 5 h-drol 75mg m-drol 20mg
week 6 h-drol 75mg m-drol 20mg

pct consists of:
4 weeks purus labs recycle
nolva 20/20/10/10
clen for 2 weeks

The other supps I will use are:
milk thistle at 2g e/d
fish oils
creatine(pct only)
whey/casein (bulk)
waxymaize/dextrose mix (bulk)
taurine (for clen)

my goals are to lean out and retain/gain strength while losing fat

16-18% bf

any comments/crits are most welcomed