How much Formestane do I need to...

  1. How much Formestane do I need to...

    I've been reading somethings about steroids, and formestane (or 4-OHA as you wish) has caught my eye. It's said to be one of, if not the, best aromatase inhibitors in the OTC market. But other thing has caught my atention: it's a prohormone of 4-hydroxytestosterone (or 4-OHT), but from what I've read the dosages avaliable of formestane aren't enough to give us a good amount of convertion into 4-OHT to see it's effects, so my question is: how much formestane is needed for us to see real world results from the 4-OHT that it supposedly converts into?
    Any answer or ideia is extremely welcomed

  2. Hello, any body here?

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  4. from what I gathered it was pretty high dosages that were necessary....I think Jbry knew the answer to this though....if he takes time out of his busy neg-repping schedule perhaps he can chime in? LMFAO

  5. Yeh looked into it. Huge amounts needed

  6. Quote Originally Posted by murk01 View Post
    Yeh looked into it. Huge amounts needed
    pretty much a moot point I to just use it for an AI, and maybe some sort of anabolic effect, but not from the conversion to the PH....


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