absolved before or during bulking cycle

  1. absolved before or during bulking cycle

    i just finished my m1t/4ad cycle today and am in pct with 6oxo for the next 3 weeks. i am planning on doing a bulking cycle of super one + in may/june. i have a bottle of absloved that i would like to use as well, but i was wondering if it would be better to use it before the super one +, maybe in april, or if I should use it at the same time during my actual cycle of super One +. Has anyone used the absolved along side super1+? and if so were the results as good as others who used them seperately ?

  2. 4AD and M1T and you are using 6OXO, I would get some nolva ASAp man.

  3. Agree, 6oxo is not recommended here.

    Not sure how absolved would work here as I can't remember what the ingredients are.

  4. I'd almost venture to say that the absolved would be most useful during post cycle therapy when cortisol levels are more likely to be a concern. However it would likely prove useful no matter when you choose to use it, either before your cycle in bulking to stave off fat gain around the midsection, or during the cycle to do the same thing.

  5. First of all...6 OXO? You really need to get something better for your PCT.

    I would think the Absolved would work best after your PCT. During your PCT, you want to keep your calories high, and lower your training intensity to help maitain the gains you just made from your cycle. PCT is not the time to begin cutting. Personally, I would use the Absolved after you've completed your PROPER PCT.

    Best of of luck to ya.

  6. cuffs your avatar is the best
  7. Talking

    Thanks fellas for all the info. Yep i knew not to use absolved during PCT. i would have waited long after to begin using it. it makes sense after hearing you guys , to use it during my bulking cycle due to the increase in stomach fat cells while on a cycle. As for 6oxo after this current cycle - i hadn't noticed any major sides at all really, just the occasional pimple here and there, but nothing insanely nerve racking. 6oxo wouldn't help at all? or are you guys just pressurin for nolva to take the safest route? i mean if i had gotten some major sides i would most defnitely get nolva, but is it a complete MUSTor can 6oxo help at least in some way? thanks bros. - vin, 23 not 1st cycle

  8. get some nolva for your pct, and either use the 6-oxo along with it, or after the nolva.

  9. Absolved is 7-oxo DHEA in a localized carrier. I use a homebrewed 7-oxo systemic transdermal (like FL7) on all my PCTs with good results. It limits cortisol levels while natty test is in the gutter. It works well that way, & may also work well keeping aft off during a bulking cycle.

  10. so londog, you're sayin that during pct it may be a good idea to use a substance with 7oxo , like absolved, to keep away fat while recovering from a cycle....interesting..good to know... thanks guys love the feedback

  11. After all that, I would listen to Longdog. He has much more knowledge and experience with these substances than I do. With that in mind, I may try it during my next PCT.

  12. I am saying that 7-oxo works well with PCT. Ideally, I'd want systemic release. But Absolved should work well to keep fat off the midsection. I mixed up some 7-oxo in T-gel that I always use PCT & between cycles.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    I am saying that 7-oxo works well with PCT. Ideally, I'd want systemic release. But Absolved should work well to keep fat off the midsection. I mixed up some 7-oxo in T-gel that I always use PCT & between cycles.
    Hey lngdog, how much 7OXO do you add to the T-Gel? Also, do think the addition of adding some yohimine and/or caffeine to it would help?

  14. I have 6g in 4oz of the old t-gel right now. It works well at 2 squirts/day. If you have the new t-gel, you may want to max it out & just use less. I have thought about adding some yohimbine, it should be effective. I think you'd want to keep yohimbine site specific though. Caffeine would only be necessary to counteract the bloating from topical yohimbe, IMO. I doubt it would add anything with just 7-oxo.

    I have a bottle of absolved laying around, which has only 3g 7-oxo. I was thinking of adding 3g Yohimbine & 1g caffeine. I will probably try that when I cut in a few weeks.

  15. unfortunately yohimbine is hydroliphic and most hormones including 7oxo are lypholiphic so the gels needed for best delivery are different. If you are going to add something to absolved add 3-alpha or 3 -beta or an estrogen inhibitor. The results are pretty cool I have tried all 3.


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