Swine Flu Log- Input Needed!

  1. Swine Flu Log- Input Needed!

    Yes, i have a terrible sense of humor, I doubt the mods will let this run, but I've had it for the past 3 days and I thought this would be pretty hilarious...if you don't find it funny, give me a break I've been in bed for the past 3 days straight

    Cycle: Swine Flu
    Day 1: 20mg
    Day 2: 30mg
    Day 3: 40mg
    Day 4: 20 (I know I know, some people disagree w/ tapering down)

    Stacked with: Vitamin C, Tylenol

    Sides to report: hallucinations, the chills & sweats, headaches, high fever, the runs, nausea, dizziness

    Weight Gains: -8lbs!!!
    all major lifts have have gone down -40lbs in just 4 days!

    PCT will be Sleep Xtreme stacked with Soup Support and Anabolic C Vitamins

    imo, more anabolic than m1t, some might argue the sides outweigh the gains but, i beg to differ...comments/advice?

  2. Hows the recomp effects? LOL!

  3. man...great stuff for cutting or recomp, negative 2 inches on biceps and quads

    you MUST keep cals and protein very low to see effects IMO
  4. dpfisher
    dpfisher's Avatar

    I'd be scared as heck to do a cycle with that stuff going around. Immunosuppressants FTL

  5. does Swine-Flu aromatize?



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