Experts in Anavar needed....

  1. Experts in Anavar needed....

    Hey guys my mom told me when i was young the doctor wanted to prescribe me Anavar because i was hitting puberty late and i was growing slower than others, currently 5'3 and 17 years old(brother is 5'7 and hes 21 i believe hes still growing also he was around 5'3 when he was 17) My mom said no because of the long term side effects... Anyways is it still possible to get anavar from the doc at age 17? What effects would it have on me. Also i regret my moms decision and doctors for not giving it to me at young age from all the **** i been thru in life because of my height.

    Thank you.

    Also im not new to the forum i been reading lots of stuff about weight lifting for years. Just never seemed to make an account.

  2. btw i already have anavar bought it from a friends personal trainer who sells roids. He told me growth will not be stunted but has no clue if it will make me taller. I don't care about my gay liver from all the **** i go thru daily life so im going to take it for 2 months and see what happens also i saved up alot of money for this **** so i hope it works and if anyone is interested on what happens let me know. I will be running it for 2 months on a cutting diet and im going to start doing cardio twice a day now.

  3. all i can say is wow, and dont do it. go BACK to the doctor and ask him/her about HGH...this will be the ONLY thing that could potentially help with height (if its not too late).

    other than that, read the board rules and dont post in this section, u have to be 21+

  4. Don't make any decisions without your parents and doctors consent and knowledge. Don't risk injuring yourself... These discussions are for those 21+. i'm sorry for the situation you're in but we can't help you with information regarding these substances.

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