Dangerous to stack these?

  1. Dangerous to stack these?

    Hey - A few guys I work with have started training with this guy who is trying to get on at a local gym as a personal trainer. Hes training them for 2 months for free so he can use them for his portfolio. None of these guys have ever really worked out before, they're also pretty young (18-22) and naive. I noticed they're getting some pretty big gains very quickly and asked about their workout each morning, and thats when they told me about the supplements they're taking. The P.T. said that they're just some "normal and completely safe workout supplements, like creatine". Turns out they're taking some things called T-Roid, H-Roid, S-Roid and a liver blocker.

    Now, I know next to nothing about steroids and certaintly don't judge anybody doing them, but I'm not sure if this dude is being completely up front with them... So, is taking these together for 2 months pretty safe? If not, would you recommend taking a different combination of them? Thanks.


  2. Christ, T-roid I believe is basically tren xtreme, H-roid is a H-drol clone and S-roid is a superdrol clone.

    These are steroids, and can be dangerous if used improperly. This trainer is a ****ing idiot and putting these kids lives in danger. These kids need to get off these steroids and onto a proper PCT. 21 is the MINIMUM age that you should be to even consider being on any of these. They also need to go get bloodwork done to make sure there liver isn't shot to death, especially if they have been on this **** for 2 months.

    This "trainer" should be locked up, what an idiot..

  3. This P.T. should be shot! H-roid is a Halodrol-50 clone; T-roid is a Tren precursor; and S-roid is a Superdrol clone! He's having kids who shouldn't be messing with this stuff at all taking 3 different Pro-hormones/Designer steroids.

    What's particularly troubling is that 2 of these substances (H-drol and S-drol) are 17aa, and hepatotoxic (that's why he's having then take a liver protectant--not blocker). The S-drol is a very potent steroid--it does not convert to a target hormone like many other Pro-hormones--which is active in its original state, thus the term designer steroid. S-drol was actually developed by a pharmecutical company decades ago, but they decided not to market it for human use due to risk of side effects vs. benefits. To repeat, S-drol is very potent and the most hepatotoxic of the 3 substances by far; it should NEVER be used by young kids or those new to training and PH/DS use (and even then only for periods of 3-4 weeks with good liver support supplements, such as milk thistle and "Livercare")!

    This is so outrageous having these kids using ANY of these substances! I usually take a live and let live attitude, but this guy needs to be stopped now!!! This could potentially really harm these kids, and it gives the rest of us knowledgable adults who are trying to use these substances responsibly a very bad name!


  4. Man you have to bring this up with those boys or the gym or something.. this guy need to be ousted from training.. and dotted in the eye

  5. ha ha, thats funny. "look at my clients results!"

    i would never suggest anyone im training to use anabolics. even though i love them. too much risk doing something like that.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    ha ha, thats funny. "look at my clients results!"

    i would never suggest anyone im training to use anabolics. even though i love them. too much risk doing something like that.
    Yeah, I wonder what your liability would be if something happened to your client.


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