shutdown =(

  1. shutdown =(

    How do you guys deal with shutdown during your cycle? im on 50mg epistane and side effect free except for the fatigue. its not even like a body weakness i just find myself taking random daily naps(sometimes several times a day.) The only times iv ever taken naps is when i dont get enough sleep during the night and im gettin more than enough. Any ideas?

  2. Based on what you are describing its not shutdown you are going thru. What you are going thru is one of the sides calleg lethargy. Dependant on your goals you can try uping your carb intake. Just my opinion.

  3. dhea may help.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  4. welcome to steroids!


  5. I would try some dhea

  6. [QUOTE=wellbilt;2134346]I would try some dhea,maybe lower your dose of epi
    have u used epistane before

  7. More carbs and caffeine. I have a high tolerance for caffeine, though. I can take 500-600 mgs a day without a problem and sleep like a baby.

    Keep an eye on your BP when using any stims on cycle and this sounds stupid, but I find driving in rush hour traffic on the LIE is enough to "motivate" anyone. LOL

  8. Quote Originally Posted by wellbilt View Post
    I would try some dhea
    HOw much DHEA would you say's good?
    And also for an h-drol/fura cycle would DHEA be good for lethargy?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by fogie13 View Post
    HOw much DHEA would you say's good?
    And also for an h-drol/fura cycle would DHEA be good for lethargy?
    I have run EPI, can't say I have heard of or suffered lethargy. Could it be because of your strength increases draining your glycogen stores? Eat & sleep more! For DHEA, oral did very little for me, you'll need 1-150 mgs. Dermacrine is better.

  10. I would try 50-100mg of dhea and see if that helps
    I liked dermacrine
    I had some lethargy from mdrol and trenbolone lowering the dose seemed to help
    I don't think anyone knows for sure wat causes fhe lethargy from anabolic use other then our hormones being outta wack,I didnt find stims to help wen I was on tren I could fall asleep standing up the only thing that really helped was a lower dose,if I had to guess I would assume that lower estro levels could cause this because when using test and tren the lethargy was nowhere near as bad maybe a test booster could help this


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