Extending 4ad for supersex?

  1. Extending 4ad for supersex?

    Ok so maybe not super sex.....but--Im just finishing up a 2 1/2 week m1t/4ad cycle (cutting it short by 1/2 week cuz of bloody noses)---

    Im gonna have a "good weekend" next week (spending the weekend with a girl)

    would it be a bad idea to continue using my 4ad transderm to make sure my
    sex drive doesnt stop?

    could i start taking my nolva soon or should i wait until i stop using my 4ad?


    should i just stop everything and star pct

  2. I would have ran all of it for four weeks anyways.

  3. Go ahead and run it out if you want, won't hurt anything. If I'm not mistaken your 4AD trandermal takes a little while to kick in and I don't think 4, 6 or even 8 weeks on 4Ad is going to be any more supressive then 2 1/2 weeks on m1t. Then do your PCT.

  4. exactly, no problem extending 4-ad at all here. Have fun and bang her like a screen door in a hurricane!

  5. i will try to make the AM board proud!

    so save PCT till after 4ad?

  6. No need for PCT until you are done with the 4AD.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by brooklynheight
    i will try to make the AM board proud!

    so save PCT till after 4ad?

    then get some viagra and cialis now..

    you wont be disappointed!!

  8. i would be careful with transdermal!!

    you don't want to get any on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    make sure your applications site doesn't rub against her


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