Before I get flamed for bulking with an obvious cutting cycle, It's going to be a lean bulk. I don't want much water retention and I have preexisting gyno that I don't want to aggrivate. Didn't want to use any compounds that aromatize much, but I don't like going without my test. Test prop was the my primary. I chose Masteron because of its synergy with test and its anti-estrogenic effect. Winstrol I chose because of its synergy with Masteron.

weeks 1-10 test prop-150mg eod
weeks 1-10 masteron-100mg eod
weeks 5-10 winstrol-50mg ed

will possibly be running hgh 6ius/ed. 5on 2off. 2iu AM & 4iu post workout. Unsure of my access to that yet.

Does anyone know my best choices for hair protection from masteron other than Nizoral 2% which I have?

Also I am trying to gain as much mass as this cycle will let me; Would it be better for me to run Winstrol weeks 1-5 instead?