PH use and long term suppression

  1. PH use and long term suppression

    I think my natural test was suppressed buy the PH cycleís I have done. For the past two years I have been low on energy and sex drive and have made very little gains in the gym. It seemed the only time I made any gains were when I did a PH cycle. My sex drive was a lot lower then it used to be and my overall mood and energy level was not what it use to be either. But at this same a very close family member was going through mayor health problems and death seemed close it was very stressful. I contributed my symptoms to the stress and didnít do anything about it. But when the family member became better I still wasnít feeling like I use too and contributed my low sex drive to getting older. Its been a long time since Iíve done a cycle and I always took twice as long off as on.
    Then things changed dramatically when I started to take Magnesium and Zinc. I feel as good now as I did when I was 20, Iím now 30 almost 31. This makes me wonder If Iím ever going to use hormones again. Hormone use doesnít seem worth the price of long term suppression. I wonder how many cycles one can do and not have any long term hormone suppression? I see a lot of people doing cycle after cycle and wonder what kind of risk these people have for long term suppression. I wasnít fully suppressed but it seemed I wasnít functioning 100%. The only cycle I didnít use proper PCT was my first cycle and they didnít have research products back then, so I used ZMA. I have the new 1,4 tabs and Iím tempted to use them but donít know the chances of then hurting my naty test.

  2. If you haven't got your blood tested for test levels, go do it. And its not that accurate as well since test levels fluctuate throughout the day like sine wave. Maybe several tests are needed at different times of the day to know for sure what your situation is.
    And I think m1,4 is less suppressive than m-1-t going by what I know about dbol.

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