Serious Problem

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    Serious Problem

    My good buddy back from college has a younger brother who is 5'11", maybe 165lbs, and 22 years old. He is a senior in college, athlete, and has gotten into some PHs.

    Now, im not super educated on the subject, but when a young dumb kid cycles on m-drol, with no knowledge of PCT, there is a problem. he will be seeing this thread, no doubt, but what should he do. Ive told him all about SERM, but he says he just wants OTC PTC supplements. What do we recommend?

  2. i recommend no serm./ no cycle. that way you still have no tits

  3. I think he should get a blood test to see whats out of wack and than see what he needs to fix it.

  4. ORDER CLMOID NEXT DAY AIR!!! He needs a serm for mdrol no way around it clomid or clomid online for sale and order it ASAP.
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    what about any non prescription PCT? does on need a prescription for clomid or nolvadex?

  6. If i had to recommend any otc product for pct it would be either oral formestane at 250mg a day or topical formestane at 100-150mg. I've developed gyno and i've used a serm every cycle... couldn't even get rid of it with letro/nolva after months.... formestane worked in a week. Thats my experience

  7. i use tamox cit myself, but a SERM is TOTALLY necissary on m-drol.
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    are prescriptions necessary for nolvadex or clomid? can these items be bought online without fear of jail or some other legal sentence?

  9. it is a grey area

  10. order at your own risk...just find a site then search on google reviews about the site.i would really not mess with m-drol unless i have a serm on hand before even starting thr cycle.Good luck homie...

  11. You need Nolva and proper info!!!

  12. Nolvadex at 20mgs for 4 weeks and he should be just fine. Tell him to think about cycling again twice before he does and so some research or he will end messed up and it's a pitty to be on TRT since the 20's.

  13. lots of recomendations for ai's and nolva for a compound that doesnt aromatize......

  14. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    lots of recomendations for ai's and nolva for a compound that doesnt aromatize......
    Yeah but it does shut down natural test production and in this case it's better to be safe and use a serm than use otc and be sorry. OTC's are supposed to do this and that while serms are for one purpose and only and you can't go wrong with them.

  15. I always pct with nolva mooch. sometimes Ill add some clomid, but nolva is always my mainstay. if it ait broke, dont fix it.

  16. There is NO REASON not to use a SERM for PCT. You need a prescription to buy from a pharmacy but its not a controlled substance. Unless your in some weird ass country..


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