drinking 2x a week all summer!!

  1. Thumbs up drinking 2x a week all summer!!

    Okay guys i need some good advice on helping my liver / body ready for some hard training this winter. I slacked a little bit this summer alot of partying haha.

  2. Switch to Hemp.

  3. I'm not sure what kind of advice you're looking for - but I guess stop slacking and start training right? Unless you have something medically wrong with you - Both your liver and your body should be more than ready for some hard training...??

  4. ok ill make it a little bit more simple im gonna start ph soon and want internals in good shape

  5. Go to a doctor and check your liver. I was heavy drinking for years (at weekends only) and had always nice liver enzymes but thats me- don't know how your organs look like.

  6. Dont start your cycle without preloading your heart and liver supps for 2 wks, and if you feel you did alot of drinking well make it 3 wks

  7. you can always switch to non-alcoholic beer...

    or, take the previous post a must follow for your health sake


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